The team of the csu oberhaid stands

The meeting of CSU members in oberhaid was dominated by the nomination of municipal council candidates for the 2020 municipal elections. The spokesman for the CSU in the municipal council, ottmar schels, buried the numerous members and noted in retrospect that they had always contributed constructively to the work of the municipal council during the election period that was coming to an end, and also time and again with their own proposals for solutions. He said that they had not always been in agreement, but that they had supported the main projects in the interest of a positive development of the community. Above all, the generally good economic situation had put the community in a position to make major investments.

With a view to the upcoming elections in the spring, schels emphasized the goal of strengthening and expanding the position in the town council with an effective team. He was therefore pleased that it had been possible to compile a list that stands out fundamentally from the other groups. Thus all three parts of the community are represented appropriately and also each with at least one woman on the list. In the process, the group has succeeded in recruiting young, committed citizens who also cover a broad professional spectrum, in addition to the preserved incumbent councillors. In addition, the members are deeply rooted and recognized in the life of the community through their positions, some of which are leading, in associations and organizations. The candidates wanted to use new and alternative ideas for the common good. This will also be reflected in an innovative and, above all, fair election campaign.

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