Train hits woman while she is out walking at night

Train hits woman while she is out walking at night

A 35-year-old woman in bad rodach was greeted by a guardian angel on monday evening. The woman from the coburg district was walking her dog at around 11 p.M. On monday when she crossed the railroad crossing in “wiesenweg” despite an approaching agilis train entered. Despite an immediately initiated rapid braking, the train hit the woman head-on and flung her to the side.

Before the driver of the train could come to the lady's aid, the woman, who was presumably in shock, left the scene of the accident. As it had to be assumed that she had suffered serious injuries, the coburg police launched a search operation for her, in which the local fire department also participated.

Minor injuries to the face
Only a short time later, to the relief of all those involved, the search was called off after the husband of the woman in question had telephoned to say that he had taken his wife to a coburg hospital. Fortunately, she suffered only minor injuries to her face, but had to be treated as an inpatient. The woman told the police that she had underestimated the speed of the train and had therefore entered the unobstructed railroad crossing despite the red signal.

Despite the comparatively mild outcome of the incident, the 35-year-old must now reckon with criminal consequences. Because the train had to brake quickly, the federal police initiated an investigation into the dangerous interference with rail traffic. There was no damage to the agilis train.


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