U.s. Election day nears: trump and biden on final offensive

u.s. election day nears: trump and biden on final offensive

Shortly before the election in the USA, president donald trump and his democratic challenger joe biden went on the final offensive in the election campaign – including mutual attacks.

Biden tried to score points with the obama factor before this tuesday’s vote: he made two appearances with the former president in the particularly embattled state of michigan on saturday. Trump spoke four times to supporters in pennsylvania, another key swing state. On sunday, biden wanted to perform there. Trump wanted to make five campaign appearances in michigan, iowa, north carolina, georgia and florida on the same day.

The republican incumbent continued to trail biden both nationally and in several potentially crucial states in new polls released sunday. His re-election is nevertheless not out of the question, especially since the electoral system means that the candidate with the most votes can also be defeated. Both sides have declared this year’s vote to be a fateful election and warn with gloomy scenarios of their respective opponents as future presidents. Tens of millions of americans have already voted, casting their ballots by mail or at the polling place.

Before their appearances on sunday, trump and biden attacked each other on twitter. Biden wrote: “i promise you this: i will end donald trump’s chaos and this crisis.” Trump accused biden of wanting to subject the u.S. To a lockdown “maybe for years” over the coronavirus crisis. “THRILLED. There will be no lockdowns. The rough american comeback is underway!!!”

Leading U.S. Health expert anthony fauci, on the other hand, told americans that the pandemic situation is worsening. “We are in for a whole lot of suffering. It’s not a good situation,” fauci told the “washington post”. The u.S. Could not have been in a worse position before the fall and winter. According to data from the johns hopkins university, the u.S. Passed the 99,000 mark for the first time on friday.

Biden tried to capitalize on many countrymen’s disgruntlement over the past four years with trump on saturday in flint, michigan. “We are done with the chaos, the tweets, the anger, the hatred, the failure, the refusal to take any responsibility.”Turning americans against each other because of their gender, ethnicity or origin is wrong, biden said at his other appearance in detroit. “Everybody knows who donald trump is; let’s show who we are.” He repeated his pledge to serve all americans if elected. “For god’s sake, please vote!” Biden appealed almost pleadingly. “It’s time to stand up, take back our democracy.”

Tuesday is all-important, said ex-president barack obama, whose deputy biden had been until 2017. “You could vote change.”With biden and his running mate kamala harris, it won’t be as strenuous as with trump, obama promises. He praised biden for his sense of responsibility and his good work.

Michigan is one of the strategically immensely important “swing states” where it is not already clear in advance whether, by tradition, the republican or the democrat candidate will win. Pennsylvania is also such a “battleground state”. Just like in michigan, trump narrowly won there in 2016 – this year polls see biden narrowly in the lead.

Trump tuned his supporters in to the fact that they might have to wait several weeks for an election result. He also vented his anger that his republicans were unable to prevent a deadline extension at the brieahl in pennsylvania by legal means. Postal documents with a postmark by the deadline must therefore still be paid, even if they arrive three days after the election date.

On the election outcome, trump said during his appearance in newton, “the 3. November will come and go and we won’t know it. And you will have chaotic confusion in our country.”Very bad things” and something “dangerous” could happen during the vote count, he warned. Trump did not provide more specifics or evidence for his assertion.

The president has been campaigning for months against the brieahl, which experience shows more democratic voters than republican supporters use to cast ballots. Trump claims there’s massive potential for fraud at brieahl. He has not provided any evidence of this. He insisted that it had to be known on election night who had won.

In most past elections, the winner actually turned out on election night. This year, however, possible delays are expected, because due to the corona pandemic, significantly more people vote by ballot.

More than 92 million americans have already taken advantage of the opportunity to vote before the official election date on 3. November to vote by mail or at preopened polling stations. According to the “U.S. Elections project” about two-thirds of all 2016 voters.

The u.S. President is not elected directly by burgers, but by electors. Their votes almost always go completely to the winner in the state that sends these voters – no matter how close the result is there. 270 votes from voters are needed for entry into the weibe haus. In 2016, trump won fewer electoral votes nationwide than hillary clinton, but he won more people.

The voters in the USA will decide on tuesday not only the race for the women’s house, but also on the congress. All 435 seats in the house of representatives and 35 of the 100 seats in the senate are up for election. Polls give democrats good chance of retaining majority in house of representatives and regaining control of senate after six years. Among other things, the senate confirms candidates for government positions or the supreme court, which makes it particularly important for a president.

Biden plans to address the nation on election night from his home in wilmington, delaware, his campaign team announced saturday. Trump will probably spend election night in washington “between the weiben house and the (trump) hotel” because the capital administration has “set limits” on the use of his hotel there. In washington, events with a maximum of 50 people are currently allowed. It is unusual for sitting presidents to be in the weiben haus on election night.


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