Upper franconia: innkeeper rejects disabled person during festival season

Upper Franconia: innkeeper rejects disabled person during festival season

“During the festival season we are not comfortable with that. Our guests are a bit etepete” the innkeeper from bad berneck is said to have said to caretaker martin schnobrich. The 43-year-old volunteers to organize an online self-help group for people suffering from dystonia, a movement disorder. For a meeting with three members and their spouses on the penultimate weekend in august, a place to stay was to be found.

He had received direct refusals from some pensions because they were fully booked “whether this is true or not remains to be seen” -, others rejected him because there could be problems with accessibility “i still accept that, but the sentence really shocked me”, said schnobrich to cpsuas.org “on the other hand, many others are probably inventing excuses.”

Landlady: “value good atmosphere”

“We want to do justice to our guests during the festival period, so we make sure that the structure is homogeneous”, said the landlady of the pension, who did not want to be named. For this reason, no families with children or craftsmen are accepted during the festival season. They usually got up earlier than the festival guests, who in turn returned from bayreuth late at night – the staff could not cope with that. “When the majority has other demands, it doesn’t add up. We are a very small pension, so we value a good atmosphere.” It would not be about prejudice against disabled people.

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According to her husband, with whom she runs the pension, schnobrich had offered to visit the rooms for a date in september to assess whether the building with its steep stairs and high entrances to the showers was manageable for his group. As a hotelier, he feels he has a certain duty of care towards people with disabilities. Schnobrich had not accepted the offer, but instead people from his circle of acquaintances had submitted fictitious google ratings for the pension. The landlords had already wanted to call in a lawyer because of it.

Disability commissioner: “not to be tolerated”

While the landlady invokes her right of domicile, klaus scherer, commissioner for the disabled at the district office of bayreuth, described the situation at the request of infranken.According to the general law on equal treatment, people with disabilities could not be turned away when obtaining services offered to the public, for example in the hotel or restaurant business, if they perhaps did not meet the standard expectations of individual guests. The structural deficits were “certainly not or only partially possible to accommodate people with disabilities”.” A general cancellation, however, is not to be tolerated, according to scherer.

The self-help group was finally accommodated in an inn near gefrees. “That was completely uncomplicated, they have immediately agreed”, paid schnobrich. The landlords were very helpful and even at a barbecue with almost 100 guests no one complained.


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