Waiting for a reaction to the burgerspital

Arkadius guzy in the matter of burgerspital, the city council factions are waiting for the statement of the government of lower franconia. Norbert schaub, spokesman for the SPD city council faction and chairman of the SPD local association, is also waiting for feedback on his open letter. He had sent this letter before christmas to the member of the state parliament sandro kirchner (CSU). According to schaub, there has been no feedback so far.

In the letter, schaub asks the member of the state parliament for support for the preservation of the burgerspital. Specifically, the deadline for the adaptation of the city’s nursing facility to the care and housing quality act, which provides in particular for new specifications for the room sizes. The quality development and supervision department (FQA) of the district of bad kissingen had given the city until 31 december 2009 to submit its proposal. August 2021 set.

“We and many of those affected suspect that the tightly set second deadline is only a prelude to a closure or other use of the burgerspital”, says the letter. In it, the possibility for more time and longer periods is mentioned: “the period for adjustments ends in the case of fundamental modernization measures, which had to take place in the burgerspital, only at the latest 25 years after the entry into force of the ordinance. That would be in 2036.”

Possibilities for a longer operation must be sought and struggled for. The letter brings the “family atmosphere” in the burgerspital and its location in the middle of the city as arguments for the house before.

The city had appealed against the FQA decision, which the district office rejected. The rejection was forwarded to the government of lower franconia for comment last april. The letter regrets that there has been no feedback from the government since then.

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