What will become of the “Amazon for soldiers” in oberwildflecken??

What will become of the 'amazon for soldiers' in oberwildflecken??

The land at the entrance to the kreuzberg industrial park doesn’t exactly look inviting. A huge meadow, framed and crisscrossed by seemingly too coarsely dimensioned tramlines. Every now and then an asphalt surface, recognizable as a former parking lot. The barracks were part of the rhonkaserne (rhon barracks), which was dissolved in 1995, and functional buildings were built here.

The german militar: it has moved on to the high ground above wildflecken where the americans once resided. The rhon barracks became the industrial park thanks to urban redevelopment west. With the new clothing center, the company has once again been able to build a functional building on an area of around 12,000 square meters – which is also used by the german armed forces. A kind of resurrection of the military on its former land.

Two years ago, mayor gerd kleinhenz remembers, the administration received an inquiry from the clothing management of the german armed forces about the properties. The site was previously considered as an expansion area for the hulsen producer paul& co. A high-bay warehouse should now be built there. Appointments on site followed; the clothing management even secured the site via preliminary contracts.

Obviously, those responsible at the bundeswehr are having a rethink.

“Amazon for members of the armed forces

The current clothing center at arnsberg is probably no longer sufficient for these logistical processes and demands.

After the clothing management of the german armed forces had reserved land in the industrial park at the kreuzberg in wildflecken for the construction of a new high-bay warehouse in 2019, the cancellation was made at short notice in the summer of 2020. However, an inquiry by member of the bundestag manuela rottmann at the federal ministry of defense revealed that this is not a definitive rejection of the wildflecken site. Rather, an economic feasibility study for the bw bekleidungsmanagement gmbh, which will run until 2022, is to be waited for before a decision is made on the future central locations, according to the press release of the market wildflecken.

Wildflecken’s mayor gerd kleinhenz is optimistic that wildflecken will prevail as a location for the facility. “The advantages of the wildflecken site were already convincing when the location was selected for one of the new data centers of the german armed forces. The business park on the kreuzberg is uniquely centrally located in germany and offers an outstanding infrastructure. We will be pleased if the bundeswehr continues to invest here, as long as we can still offer flat.”


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