Will the red men permanently bamberger?

Will the red men permanently bamberger?

The idea, says alexander ochs-barwinek, is to look for sponsors – one or a group of art lovers for each of the eight sculptures that make up wang shugang's installation at schonleinsplatz. How much money had to be collected for the most popular exhibit from the exhibition “circles”, which ends tomorrow it has not yet been decided whether they can be purchased. A talk that ochs has as curator of the show next week in the town hall could bring first results.

Art “to touch
If one looks around at the schonleinsplatz, whether the red men were welcome in the world heritage city for ever, the tenor is quite clear.

If no tax money is used for it, very gladly, says, for example, manfred rauh, who lives very close by. At the beginning he could do little with the work of art, considered it to be “complete nonsense. Today, ten weeks later, he is particularly enthusiastic about the people's enthusiasm for the eight sculptures.

The enormous interest of the public can be seen also in the turf: not a blade of grass grows around the artwork anymore. The lawn is worn down to the bare earth.

Francesco rubiu, who chooses to live in bamberberg and who leases the cafe rondo on schonleinsplatz, is not surprised by the enormous response. He thinks this is the first work of art in this place “that everyone can relate to”.

You don't have to understand its deeper meaning to like it. This is art to touch and not just to look at like the plensa-sculpture on a six meter high stele before. Or like the ancestral equestrian monument for prince regent luitpold, which stands on a pedestal. Rubiu was buried if wang shugang's work remained permanently in bamberg. He was, he says, even ready to pay something into a donation account for it.

“Funny pictures”
“I was glad to see that they were still there”, andreas puschke from rothenbach/pegnitz told us as he walked past the schonleinsplatz with his stroller on friday. At his last visit, they already had “funny pictures” made.

On friday francisca correa also took pictures to send them home to costa rica. “Something different” – freely translated: 'something different for a change – judge the modern art at schonleinsplatz. And said that she liked it very much in this place.

Whether there will be enough art lovers in bamberg who are willing to open their wallets for wang shugang's work will become clear in the coming weeks and months. Ochs-barwinek offers the eight sponsors (communities), on whose help he relies in the search for sponsors, a figure signed by the artist, as they are now on schonleinsplatz.

Bronze exportation on its way to germany
Because this much is certain: if, then that bronze export stays in bamberg, already on its way from china to france. Ochs commissioned them from the sculptor after one of the relatively light fiberglass figures had already been stolen on two occasions. Fortunately, they have each quickly reappeared, although in one case badly damaged.

The red manner – like other exhibits – are the property of ochs. Should the sale take place, the man from bamberg, who maintains art galleries in berlin and beijing, wants to be paid 50 euros.000 euro from the lottery another exhibition “with a relevant artist of modern art in his hometown.

The man who left the provinces for the world at the end of the 1980s has obviously taken a liking to fuelling the discussion about contemporary art in the world heritage site: “i believe that in bamberg we have a systematic thematization of the 20th century. Century can need. There is a rough gap from the old artists in the present time.”


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