With praise and prizes in the beautiful paradeis

With praise and prizes in the beautiful paradeis

A contrast to the commercial side of christmas markets are cultural events such as the french christmas, which the team of the kirchenburgmuseum monchsondheim and the evangelische kirchengemeinde have been organizing for years in the village church.

After the prelude song of the trombone choir with its leader katharina kohr, the dean ivo huber of markt einersheim buried the audience in the fully occupied village church and invited the audience to be captured by the hallelujah of the singers and musicians. The trombone choir played traditional pieces such as “vom himmel hoch da komm ich her” and from the balcony the musicians sang the pre-christmas glitter, which was also expressed in the song “willkommen herre christ”.

Bad windsheim singers and musicians

In the choir room, the bad windsheim singers and musicians with their leader gerhard zelzer took over the main part of the 80-minute concert. The bad windsheimer turned out to be a triad. For fritz eckardt acted as a soloist in his role as speaker. And together with his colleagues, the middle franconians sang a capella or played music with historical and rare instruments.

Fritz eckardt made clear that “there are better things in the world than the hunt for money” and told in episodes the christmas story with the journey of maria and josef to bethlehem, where they found no shelter and then in a manger bedded the freshly born baby jesus.

Special instruments

The bad windsheimer spielleut are a special ensemble, which is revealed not only by their choice of songs, but even more by the instruments they use. Are the guitar and the accordion still gangig, it looks already different with a bassoon and a kontrabass to the drum and absolutely from the frame falls the french bagpipe. Fritz eckardt played this rare instrument, which sounded very much like a scottish bagpipe.

In the same formation, the central franconians took a completely different musical path when they collectively switched to floats for some songs. The bad windsheimer and the local trombone choir buried the baby jesus musically and accompanied him on the way from the little boy to the rough god. Together with the churchgoers, the performers sang and played the “tur zum schonen paradeis,” with “gottes lob, ehr und preis” (“praise, honor and glory to god”). The audience was enthusiastic and did not spare applause for the performances at the end.


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